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10 Everyday carry gadgets that could save your life » Gadget Flow

EDC gadgets are already cool. But when they can save your life, they attain a new level of awesome. Check out these pocket-size lifesavers to see what we mean.

Are you always on the lookout for the latest and greatest gadgets to add to your EDC? Well, this blog post is for you! We compiled a list of 10 must-have EDC gadgets that could potentially save your life in a variety of situations. From medical emergencies to accidents, these handy gadgets give you the upper hand when it matters most.

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Need to keep an eye on your heart rate? Then pop the KardiaMobile personal EKG monitor into your wallet. Its premium sensors give you a medical-grade EKG in seconds, and the process is incredibly easy.

Another of our favorite life-saving EDC gadgets is the Garmin Messenger. A satellite communicator, it helps you contact your loved ones, even when you’re off the grid.

Prepare for the unexpected when you have these lifesaving EDC gadgets. Check them out below!

1. The KardiaMobile personal EKG monitor gives you a medical-grade EKG and fits in your wallet. Buy it for $79 on Amazon.

KardiaMobile in a person’s hands

Keep an eye on your ticker with the KardiaMobile personal EKG monitor. It records a medical-grade EKG in seconds; just place your thumbs or fingers on the sensors to check for AFib and other conditions.

2. The Barebones Edison Light Stick has a vintage-inspired brass and copper design and fits in your bag. Get it for $74.99 on the official website.

Barebones Edison Light Stick
Barebones Edison Light Stick in a lifestyle photo

Add a touch of vintage charm to your EDC with the Barebones Edison Light Stick. It’s a compact 2-in-1 lantern and emergency flashlight that’s ideal for camping and keeping in your emergency kit.

3. The Garmin inReach Messenger satellite communicator keeps you connected to your loved ones even when you’re off grid. It costs $299.99 on the brand’s website.

Garmin inReach Messenger product video

Stay connected even in areas without cellular coverage when you have the Garmin inReach Messenger satellite communicator. By pairing it with the Garmin Messenger app, you can text using satellite or cellular networks and send an SOS to the Garmin coordination center. It’s one of our favorite EDC gadgets that could save your life.

4. The mophie powerstation pro AC keeps essential power for running your portable devices. Purchase it for $199.95 on the company website.

mophie powerstation pro AC in a lifestyle scene

Add power to your EDC with the mophie powerstation pro AC. It charges up to 4 devices at once, giving you emergency power. You can count on it to charge your smartphone fully up to 5 times.

5. The Withings Thermo smart temporal thermometer lets you check on your temperature anywhere. Buy it for $89.80 on Amazon.

10 Everyday carry gadgets that could save your life
Withings Thermo on a shelf

Check on your health anywhere with the Withings Thermo smart temporal thermometer. FDA-cleared and super fast, it’s easy to carry and ensures you can check for changes in body temperature on the go.

6. The James The Palmer EDC utility box cutter is pocket size and comes in a range of fun colors. Get it for $59 on the official website.

James The Palmer product video

Keep a handy knife with you, the James The Palmer EDC utility box cutter. With a compact size that fits in your pocket and a convenient lanyard, it’s easy to take with you wherever you go. Choose from 6 beautiful colors to match your style. It’s one of the best EDC gadgets that could save your life.

7. The VSSL Flask SOS bottle & flashlight has an SOS-capable 4-mode LED flashlight and a flask. It costs $120 on the brand’s website.

10 Everyday carry gadgets that could save your life
VSSL Flask SOS in use outdoors

Prepare for emergencies during your next adventure with the VSSL Flask SOS bottle & flashlight. Not only does it hold 8 ounces of your favorite drink, but it also features a 4-mode LED flashlight with SOS capabilities.

8. The Titanium Multifunctional Pry Bar combines a slew of tools helpful in an emergency. Order it for $129 on Indiegogo.

10 Everyday carry gadgets that could save your life
Titanium Multifunctional Pry Bar as a repair tool

The Titanium Multifunctional Pry Bar is the ultimate all-in-one EDC tool. Made from lightweight and corrosion-resistant Gr5 titanium, it comes with an everlasting pen, a window breaker, a screwdriver, and more.

9. The Clic-Light wearable smart LED bike signal keeps you visible to other drivers during inclement conditions. Purchase it for $89 on Amazon.

Clic Light Safe
Clic-Light on a backpack

Ensure you’re seen on the road with the Clic-Light wearable smart LED bike signal. This compact, adjustable gadget attaches to your backpack and is ideal for everyone from bicyclists to speed walkers, which is why it made this list of the best EDC gadgets that could save your life.

10. The WearWorks WAYBAND haptic smart band with map app lets you navigate without looking at a screen. Get it for $249 on Amazon.

10 Everyday carry gadgets that could save your life
WearWorks WAYBAND on a wrist

Stay focused while running, bicycling, or walking with the WearWorks WAYBAND haptic smart band. It shows you which direction to turn using haptic vibrations. Discreet and secure, it even lets you create and share custom routes.

Stay prepared for life-threatening emergencies when you have these EDC gadgets in your bag or pocket. Which ones would you love to buy? Let us know!

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