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All the Android developer news from March 2021

It’s been a good news month for Android developers. Not only did we get the second Android 12 developer preview, we also got a substantial reduction in Play Store fees. This change will affect developers of all sizes, putting more money in their pockets with no changes necessary. And thanks to expanded sub-dollar pricing across 20 markets, more people are going to be able to enjoy those apps, too!

For more details and to find out what else happened, keep reading.

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Android 12 developer preview for developers — Updated for Preview 2 — The second iteration of the Android 12 Developer Preview brings a few interesting new features. Included are easier blur effects and color filters for sprucing up UIs, improvements to picture-in-picture mode, and more accurate bandwidth estimation. It’s still a slow trickle of fairly minor changes at the moment, but they do add up!

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