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Apple Displaces Nikon on Flickr’s List of Top Camera Brands in 2014

Yahoo’s Flickr, one of the largest photo-sharing services, has released some numbers showing the top DSLR and smartphone brands used to upload images on the website during 2013-2014.

To start with top five overall camera brands, Canon (13.4 percent) like in 2013, dominated the 2014 list followed by Apple (9.6 percent), Nikon (9.3 percent), Samsung (5.6 percent), and Sony (4.2 percent). While Nikon was on second spot in 2013, it dropped down to third position in 2014 with Apple jumping from third to second rank. Samsung also interchanged its fifth position in 2013 with Sony in 2014.


Detailing the categories, Flickr mentioned the top 10 mobile camera devices, most of which were dominated by Apple devices. In 2013-2014, Apple iPhone 5 (10.6 percent) was used the most to upload the images, followed by iPhone 4S (7 percent), iPhone 4 (4.3 percent), iPhone 5C (2 percent), Samsung Galaxy S3 (1.2 percent), Galaxy S5 (1.1 percent), iPhone 6 (1 percent), Apple iPad (0.8 percent), HTC One (0.7 percent), and iPad Mini (0.6 percent).


As for the mirrorless cameras, Olympus continued to stay at the top with 4.7 percent, while Sony mostly dominated in the following nine ranks. The Olympus E-M5 (4.7 percent) is followed by Sony A7 (3 percent), Sony NEX-6 (2.9 percent), Fujifilm X-E1 (2.7 percent), Sony NEX-5N (2.4 percent), Olympus E-M1 (2.3 percent), Fujifilm X-T1 (2.1 percent), Sony NEX-5R (1.8 percent), Sony NEX 5 (1.8 percent), and Sony A6000 (1.8 percent).


The Canon EOS 7D (2.4 percent) too stayed on top in 2014 under the top DSLR list, followed by Nikon D7000 (2.4 percent), Canon EOS 60D (2.3 percent), Canon EOS 5D Mark II (2.2 percent), Nikon D3100 (2 percent), Nikon D90 (2 percent), Nikon D5100 (1.8 percent), Canon EOS Rebel T3i (1.6 percent), Canon EOS 600D (1.6 percent) and Canon EOS 6D (1.6 percent). It is worth mentioning that both Canon T3i and Canon EOS 600D are the same cameras with different names depending on the region. However, Flickr counts them as two different cameras altogether.


While it will be tough to say which brands and models are likely to change their position in Flickr’s list in 2015, we saw a number of cameras launching at the just-finished CES 2015 event in Las Vegas. Canon, Nikon and Panasonic made the major announcements.

For details of the latest launches and news from Samsung, Xiaomi, Realme, OnePlus, Oppo and other companies at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, visit our MWC 2023 hub.

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