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Apple makes headway on Reality Pro development, leaves testers ‘blown away’

Apple is set to unveil its years-in-the-making mixed reality headset at WWDC in June, according to the latest rumors. Not everyone is convinced the product will be a “hit,” but a source who has allegedly tried the device says it blew them away.

The tidbit was shared on Twitter by Evan Blass, a prominent and reliable source of leaks on Apple and other companies. Blass says that one of his sources has “had several opportunities to demo” Apple’s headset, and they reportedly went from being initially underwhelmed to “blown away.”

According to this person, Apple has recently made major headway on both the hardware and software. Blass wrote in a post on Twitter on Wednesday:

A person I know who’s had several opportunities to demo the upcoming first-gen Apple XR, has gone from lamenting its “underwhelming” capabilities to being “blown away” by the experience that the latest hardware/firmware delivers.

And in a follow-up tweet on Thursday:

Since there seems to be a fair amount of interest in this, I’ll flesh the quote out a bit more:

“The leap they’ve made since [late last year] is giant. I was so skeptical; now I’m blown away in a ‘take my money’ kind of way.”

Previous reporting from Bloomberg revealed that Apple demoed the Reality Pro headset to executives back in March during an internal event at Steve Jobs Theater. The device has faced a number of delays over the years, but the latest reporting is that it’s on track to be unveiled at WWDC in June.

9to5Mac’s Take

I remain skeptical of the Reality Pro headset, but I’m still excited to see the device finally be announced at WWDC in June. It’s been years in the making and will mark Apple’s first major new product category since the Apple Watch was released in 2015.

Recent reports, including the comments shared by Evan Blass this week, have made me slightly more optimistic about the product. Bloomberg has described a few potentially compelling features that Apple has planned for Reality Pro. I’m particularly interested to see what Apple can do in the realm of virtual reality content, such as concerts and other live events, as well as movies and TV shows.

What do you think? Have your expectations for Reality Pro changed at all over the last several months? Let us know in the comments.

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