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Bard is ‘cringeworthy’ and ‘worse than useless’ Google employees claim

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Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority
  • A report reveals internal reactions to Bard before Google launched the tool.
  • Employees had concerns about Google rushing to get the product out.
  • Ethics reportedly took a back seat to profits and growth.

Shortly after OpenAI launched ChatGPT, Google rolled out its own AI chatbot — Bard. Since then, the conversational AI program has made some embarrassing missteps, like when the demo gave out wrong information about the James Webb Space Telescope. Knowing the software’s limitations, it appears some Google employees weren’t very happy about the company rushing Bard’s launch.

A new report from Bloomberg sheds some light on the internal perception of Bard before its release. After reviewing internal documentation and talking with 18 current and former employees, the report paints a bleak picture of Bard’s capabilities and employee sentiment.

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