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Best rugged laptop (2022) | ZDNet

Beyond the usual laptop features — like screen size and price — a rugged laptop requires you to consider how much ruggedness you need. Manufacturers try to make the choice easier by dividing systems into “semi-rugged” and “rugged” — the former meeting many everyday durability requirements, while the latter provides additional levels of protection for the harshest conditions. All of these systems will have passed testing for military-spec ruggedness (MIL-STD-810G or the more recent MIL-STD-810H standards) and some level of ingress protection (from dust and liquids). Semi-rugged laptops typically have IP52 or IP53 ratings, while more rugged models will sport IP65 scores that indicate greater dust and water resistance.

In addition to the level of ruggedness, other things to consider in your purchase include the resolution and brightness (measured in nits) of the screen, along with how sensitive the touchscreen is. Some rugged laptops have extra-bright displays of 1,000 nits or 1,300 nits so they can be easily viewed in bright sunlight, and rugged touchscreens can often accept touch input through work gloves. Don’t forget to research the brand’s ecosystem if you’re going to need docks, mounting solutions, or other accessories to complete your purchase.  

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