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Can the New iPhone SE Help Apple Succeed in India?

On this episode of Orbital, we talk about the iPhone 8 and all other rumours surrounding upcoming iPhone launches. The Apple event for the launch of the iPhone is expected to take place in September and this time we expect more than one iPhone to be launched. To talk about what we expect from the upcoming iPhones and what that means for India, news editor Abhinav Lal and games editor Rishi Alwani join host Pranay Parab.

The upcoming iPhones are all going to be pretty expensive at launch, if rumours are to be believed and we don’t expect the pricing to be India friendly at launch. That is why we start by talking about the company’s strategy for India, which involves more of iPhone SE than other iPhones. This is where we discuss whether the iPhone SE is going to help Apple gain marketshare in the country and if it’s pricing is going to prompt more people to switch from Android.

Then we move on to talking about all the iPhone 8 leaks and rumours we’ve seen so far. We discuss the naming convention for the upcoming iPhone, the price we expect for it in India and whether we expect any of these to sell particularly well in India. We talk about biometrics on the iPhone 8 and whether the fingerprint scanner will be done away with. We also speculate about rumoured replacement for Touch ID and whether we think that technology will succeed.

That’s all for this week’s episode of Orbital, which you can subscribe to via Apple Podcasts or RSS, or just hit the play button below.

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