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CELLF supplement is like a multivitamin for your cells

Feeling run down by getting older? Meet CELLF: Using a clinically-tested formula, it rolls back the clock on cellular stress and breakdown. This nutraceutical could be the answer to extending your health through improved energy and cognitive function, deeper sleep, and more.

Since the dawn of civilization, people have tried to beat the aging process. Eating well, exercising, taking supplements, and monitoring for signs of illness are big steps in the right direction. But all that self-care still can’t stop the clock. For many people, the signs—and, in some cases, symptoms—of aging feel irreversible.

CELLF Gel packaging

What’s more, aging isn’t something that appears on only your skin—it begins far beneath it. People consist of more than 37 trillion cells, each of them responsible for energy, recovery potential, and so much more. When those cells experience stress, it passes throughout your body, manifesting as more serious conditions as you age.

That’s where Mikra’s CELLF comes in, aiming to prove that health is more than skin deep. Using a clinically-tested formula, it rolls back the clock on cellular stress and breakdown. This nutraceutical could be the answer to extending your health through improved energy and cognitive function, deeper sleep, and more.

But is this biohacking bogus, or is this a real answer for cells that need a lift? With CELLF, the results are quite positive. Read on to learn more.

A Science-Backed Supplement Solution

The problem at hand is the abuse your body endures on many different levels every day. Exposure to environmental pollutants, physical strain, and mental stress all contribute to your overall health picture.

A certain amount of wear and tear is normal, but it adds up fast as you get older. You begin to feel run-down as your body fails to fight off the new stressors it encounters daily.


More serious chronic health concerns may follow, as this enhanced stress and the weakened cellular structure can cause health trouble. There are a lot of products on the market claiming to treat various symptoms from the inside out, but this supplement’s approach is unique.

CELLF offers a therapeutic recipe of antioxidants specifically formulated for people who experience some of the most common complaints of aging. These include lack of mental clarity, fatigue, and poor sleep. It’s also for people who feel their workout recovery times slowing or their body’s ability to bounce back decreasing year after year.

According to Mikra, the priority when formulating the supplement was keeping positive health impacts top of mind at every stage. That’s why CELLF absorbs easily into your cells and improves your body’s stress response and resilience.

Simply Absorbed for Maximum Results

Rather than a pill or a powder, CELLF is a gel—and the reason is smarter than you may think. CELLF comes in a gel form to easily encapsulate the active nutrients in a 2-stage liposomal-lactoferrin complex, which allows the supplement to get further into your gut and small intestine for more reliable absorption.

While your gastric environment can destroy or degrade most supplements before they reach the absorption stage, CELLF’s gel transfer method ensures maximum absorption into the body.

CELLF Gel packaging

However, CELLF’s absorption isn’t the only thing easy on your body and mind: the packaging is, too. The supplement comes in single-serve sachets that are easy to toss into a weekend bag, swallow before heading to work, or leave out on the counter the night before. According to Mikra, you should take 1 packet daily with or immediately after a meal for best results.

A Supplement Backed by Studies and Trials

CELLF is backed by a ton of tests and clinical trials, ensuring that your investment is well worth every penny. Its ingredients are backed by over 140 human clinical studies, and many of its users report that the nutraceutical does what green powders and vitamins can’t: clearing brain fog, boosting energy, and promoting rejuvenating sleep.

According to Mikra press materials, the CELLF supplement benefits people 30 and above who feel the physical effects of getting older, whether that’s difficulty falling asleep, fatigue throughout the day, or a general feeling of poor health.

Mikra is also working with genetics expert Nutra Biosystems on preclinical trials. Nutra Biosystems will continue to provide genomics data on CELLF’s efficacy at the genetic level, and that data will continue to be used in product formulation.

For Mikra, it’s not just about treating the physical signs of aging and illness, but it’s also about digging deep into a person’s genes and helping their body repair itself at the cellular level.

The Next Generation of Antiaging Care

Most people don’t enjoy getting older. While the physical signs of aging are concerning, its microscopic impact is something to take seriously. This supplement uses a proprietary formula crafted for maximum absorption, convenience, and impact. Overall, it mends the gap between bodily changes at the cellular level and the cascading impacts those changes can have on health.

Whether you’re an athlete, a parent, or interested in resisting the impacts of getting older, check out CELLF. You can get the CELLF supplement for as low as $88 per month.

Editor’s note: The information in this blog was provided by Mikra, and we have not independently verified these claims.

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