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eSIM trials on iPhone: How to start with US carriers

Making the jump to a new carrier can often sound appealing, whether it’s the incentives, the hopes of better coverage, pricing, or all of the above. However, the reality is that switching can be a commitment (even without contracts) and it’s no fun to make the move only to realize you’ve made a mistake. Fortunately, now it’s possible to do free and instant carrier eSIM trials on iPhone on all the major US networks.

The competition between US carriers to get switchers continues to heat up. Verizon offers up to $1,000 for trade-ins, T-Mobile offers up to $1,000 too, and AT&T is doing up to $800 at the time of writing.

T-Mobile was the first major carrier to launch eSIM trials back in 2021 and Visible by Verizon did the same at the start of 2022. Now you can try out AT&T’s network through its MNVO Cricket Wireless.

Along with instant and seamless setup, one of the biggest benefits of eSIM trials is you can see the signal for both your current carrier and the one you’re testing simultaneously (and switch between them).

How to start free carrier eSIM trials on iPhone

T-Mobile Test Drive

  • Free 90-day trial including 5G coverage
  • Unlimited data
  • Get set up in minutes with the free T-Mobile Network Pass (iPhone XS or later)

Visible by Verizon

  • Free 15-day trial with access to 5G coverage
  • Includes unlimited talk, text, data, and mobile hotspot
  • Get started in minutes with a Visible by Verizon free trial (iPhone XS or later)

Cricket Wireless (AT&T network)

  • Free 14-day trial including 5G coverage
  • Unlimited talk and text with 3 GB of data
  • Download the tryCricket app to get going in minutes (iPhone XS or later)
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More ways to get real network feedback

  • See real coverage results from local users in your area with the free Opensignal app
  • You can also compare multiple carriers’ coverage maps at once with Signalchecker
  • If you haven’t already, talk to family, friends, co-workers, etc. who already use the carrier you’re thinking about switching to and get some real feedback about what to expect

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