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Fujifilm teaser reveals new X-mount camera set for January 28 unveiling

They might not be as expensive as the Leica cameras, but the Fujifilm X-mount series has always had and continues to garner a loyal fan following, with the boast of some of the best specifications that cameras in the industry have to offer.

Now, a teaser reveals that come January 28, Fujifilm will reveal its latest shutter-horse from the stables. It is a new X-Mount Camera, with the image revealing shows quicker manual controls, a separate ISO dial to complement the shutter and exposure compensation dials which are already present on the X-Pro1.

The new X-mount camera would take its rightful place in a long list of noteworthy cameras, which include the likes of the X-Pro1 the X100 and the X10. The tech website, Mirrorless Rumors, also says the new X-mount camera will sport full weather sealing.

Other rumoured specifications include a bigger and better EVF sensor. APS-C X-Trans sensor II (16MP), support for UHS-II SD-card for super-fast writing, 8 fps with AF tracking, tilt screen, FujicaST design (SLR-like design), additional battery grip, and faster AF than the X-E2.

In addition the name of the new design is sourced by them to be X-T1 with a price range in between the X-E and the X-Pro line. If the rumours are all true (we’ll get to know officially soon enough), the new X-mount camera could give serious competition for value to the likes of the Nikon Df. In addition, the fact that the new camera comes from a long trusted line of cameras in the X-mount series will only add to the anticipation of people who shoot images for a living

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