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iOS 16 adoption climbs as it plays catch up with iOS 14 update rate

A report shows the adoption of iOS 16 a week after it’s been released to all users. While the numbers are still growing, the operating system is still playing catch up, by comparison, to the iOS 14 update.

The data is continuously compiled by Mixpanel. According to the product analytic solution, iOS 16 currently has 22.10% of users after seven days. Comparatively, iOS 15 had 16.87% and iOS 14, 30.70%.

On the launch day, the analysis shows that after the first 24 hours of availability, iOS 16 had been downloaded by 6.71% of users, compared to iOS 15 being downloaded by 6.48% during the first day. Both updates trailed iOS 14, which was downloaded by 9.22% of users on its first day of availability.

Going back in time, there could be a few reasons why iOS 14 still reigns supreme over the last two operating systems. For example, it was with iOS 14 that Apple revamped the Home Screen, bringing widgets for the first time. At that moment, apps that could help you customize your Home Screen were very popular, because for the first time, you could make your iPhone look different than what Apple would default to.

iOS 15, on the other hand, was more kind of a “pandemic update,” as it brought several new features for FaceTime, Messages, Notifications, and a new Focus Mode that helped users to focus on what mattered to them depending on the time of the day. Unfortunately, these weren’t catchy updates, as they didn’t change how the iPhone looked at its core.

iOS 16.1 Lock Screen charging indicator

iOS 16, though, brings a revamped Lock Screen, which could be the reason why even with fewer devices supporting it, users were really interested to change how the Lock Screen looks. In addition, iOS 16 is available for fewer devices, while the other operating systems supported more iPhones and iPod touch.

You can take a look at the adoption rate of iOS 16 hereiOS 15 here, and iOS 14 here.

Have you updated your iPhone yet? Which is the best iOS 16 feature available for you? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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