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Is AirPods Pro the Best Pair of Truly Wireless Headphones in the World?

On this episode we discuss all things AirPods Pro as in-house audio and television expert Ali Pardiwala joins host Pranay Parab. We begin this episode by highlighting what makes the AirPods Pro so special. This is where we tell you about active noise cancellation and how this technology works. While active noise cancellation has been around for a while, AirPods Pro still manage to bring something unique to the table. We explain what that is and why it’s a big deal.

Then we talk about the different noise cancellation modes in AirPods Pro and how they work. Here we tell you all you need to know about transparency mode. The next topic of discussion is the build quality and fit of the AirPods Pro. Then we get to the sound quality of the AirPods Pro and what to expect when you buy this pair of headphones. AirPods Pro price in India is a big number, but does it merit that cost? We discuss that in-depth and compare it against other products in this category.

Finally, we talk about the long-term utility of the AirPods Pro and whether you should be buying these or not. This is where we share our long-term ownership report of the original AirPods and what you can expect to see a couple of years after owning the AirPods Pro.

That’s all for this week’s episode of Orbital, which you can subscribe to via Apple Podcasts or RSS, download the episode, or just hit the play button below.

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