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Jio Data Leak, New Jio Plans, JioFiber: The Likely Impact

Reliance Jio’s recent data breach is worrying for all of its users. While it may appear as though the leak wasn’t too serious, Gadgets 360 staff members’ checked the website that leaked the data and found that the details posted there were quite accurate. To talk about why this is a worrying thing for every Reliance Jio user, and to discuss Reliance Jio’s new mobile data plans, its vision for broadband in India, and its effect on competitors, Pranay Parab joins host Aditya Shenoy

We start the podcast by talking about Reliance Jio’s data leak and mention the experiences of Gadgets 360 staff members with the website. The scary accuracy of the data posted there led to us worrying seriously about the security of our personal information. We talk about what Reliance Jio should be doing to prevent this in the future, and why this is a very concerning matter for every single person who uses the telecom operator’s services.

Then we look at Reliance Jio’s new plans and talk about what has changed. We mention several use cases where the new plans could prove to be handy and why people who were on older plans have cause to celebrate. We also look at Airtel’s new data rollover policy and discuss how it could affect the telecom industry as a whole. We talk about whether Reliance Jio should implement a similar policy and if Airtel has set a precedent for the rest of the telecom industry.

Finally, we discuss what impact Airtel’s data rollover policy could have on broadband Internet providers in India. We put this scheme firmly on our wish list for broadband plans in the country and then we look at JioFiber’s impending arrival on the scene. Can JioFiber do to the broadband industry what Reliance Jio did to the telecom sector? We go into some detail to answer that question.

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