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Last-minute gift cards: Disney Plus, Netflix, and more streaming stars are perfect for the dangerously late shopper

Last-ditch Christmas shopping can be frustrating, but it doesn't don't have to be if buying for the TV and movie fan in your life with these last-minute gift cards for streaming services. Digital Disney Plus subscription gift cards and Netflix credit top-ups are super-reliable digital options as they can be delivered instantly. So even if you're stuck on a plane, train, or automobile's passenger seat car on your way to visit family, you can still get it all sorted in just a few minutes.

There are a few options available for some of our favorite streaming services out there. Disney Plus, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video are the main options, as all offer digital gifting options. Some direct, and others via online retailers. 

Disney Plus is our top recommendation for a streaming service gift today, as the selection has never been better. It's only been around three years, but it's become one of the biggest streaming services in the world. Packed with pretty much every Disney movie ever. You'll also find all the Marvel and Star Wars movies (not to mention some new, big-budget TV spin-offs, National Geographic programming, and more.

Last-minute gift cards with instant delivery

Disney Plus 1-year gift subscription $109.99

An important note for this as a gift: This code will only work for new subscribers, so it’s no good for anyone that already has Disney Plus as this won’t stack on top. If they’re happy to create a new account though, with a different email address, it should be fine. When purchasing, you have the option of sending the code to yourself or arranging for it to be emailed to a recipient at a date of your choosing.View Deal

Netflix e-gift cards | $30 / $60 / $100 at Best Buy

Ah Netflix, the old favorite, and unlike the Disney Plus subscription above, you don’t have to worry about the recipient already being a subscriber as they can add this credit to an existing account if they have one. Netflix costs $7 to $20 a month if that helps you choose the amount you want to gift. Codes can be retrieved to pass to the recipient shortly after purchase.View Deal

Prime gift subscription | $45 (3 months) / $139 (12 months) at Amazon.com

Note: you’ll have to log in to your Amazon account to see this product. Amazon Prime membership isn’t just about the free and speedy delivery of Amazon purchases; it comes with a vast library of movies and TV shows to enjoy. This won’t automatically renew either, so the giftee isn’t on the hook after the original time purchased. If they’re already a member, they’ll be offered a swap for a regular Amazon gift card of equivalent value.View Deal

After more streaming service gift card options? We've added a few more picks below. Do double-check they're listed as digital/email delivery as otherwise, they might be a physical gift card, which won't arrive in time for Christmas. And if you want to upgrade your streaming tech at home, take a look at our best streaming devices guide.


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