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Mammoth is a free Mastodon client for iOS and macOS

The decentralized and open-source social network Mastodon has been getting a lot of attention recently amidst the controversies surrounding Twitter, as both platforms have a lot of similarities. And now iOS and macOS users will have another great third-party option for accessing the social network from their devices with Mammoth, a new free client for Mastodon.

Mammoth for Mastodon

Mammoth was created by Shihab Mehboob, the same developer behind Aviary – a third-party client for Twitter from the days when that was a thing. Unsurprisingly, those who have used Aviary in the past will feel quite familiar with Mammoth.

One of the main features of Mammoth is its multi-column based interface for iPad and Mac. Users can see their timeline, mentions, likes, private messages, bookmarks, and profile all on the same screen with just a scroll. The columns are customizable so that you have quick access to all the information you need.

The app is built to make the experience of using Mastodon on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac more intuitive. For instance, the login screen shows popular Mastodon servers and helps users choose one of them when creating a new account. More than that, Mammoth is fully customizable, from its icon to the theme color to how posts are displayed on the timeline.

But there’s even more. Mammoth lets you quickly undo posts after publishing them, and it supports GIFs, polls, picture-in-picture, and drag-and-drop. The app also includes support for Siri Shortcuts, Face ID or Touch ID locking, keyboard shortcuts, and Share Extensions.

And of course, users can expect all the basic Mastodon features while using Mammoth, such as viewing the entire timeline in chronological order, checking notifications, viewing the profiles from other users, creating new posts with media, and customizing your own profile.

Mammoth is a new free Mastodon client for iOS and macOS

Mammoth for Mastodon is available for free on the App Store. Although the app is designed for iPhone and iPad, it also runs on Apple Silicon Macs.

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