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Meta Quest 3: Everything we know, what we want to see

Quest 2 headset

Credit: Meta

It feels like the Meta Quest 2 has been around for ages. In fact, the headset has been out for long enough that it even went through a mid-cycle rebrand, going from the Oculus Quest 2 to the Meta Quest 2. But in actuality, it has only been available for three years — launched back in late 2020. Yet that span of time is still long enough that the hardware has started growing long in the tooth, which can’t be helped in such a fast-paced industry like VR.

One of Meta’s biggest VR rivals — Sony — released its latest entry into the space — the PSVR 2 — in February 2023. With the arrival of this Quest 2 competitor, our eyes have turned back toward Meta to see how the company responds.

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