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Nikon to launch Android-powered Coolpix S800 on Aug 22: Report

Nikon is reportedly working on a point and shoot camera that will be powered by Android. Part of company’s Coolpix series, the camera will be dubbed as S800 and might be launched on August 22.

According to a report in Nikon Rumours, this device will come with 25-250mm lens, 3.5-inch OLED display, GPS and Wi-Fi. It will also have Google Play access.

There is no word on the image sensor on-board, but online reports suggest that it might sport a 16MP sensor. We are yet to see any hard proof of the existence of this camera or Android in it, apart from a regulatory filing from Indonesia that just confirms that there is a camera called Coolpix S800.

This is not the first Android powered camera that we are hearing about; even Polaroid had announced something called Smart Camera at Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year. The camera featured a 36-108mm lens and 16MP sensor with 3X optical zoom along with 3.2inch display, Wi-Fi and Android with Play Store access.

We have already heard reports of similar devices from Panasonic and Samsung, which has even got the Galaxy Camera name trademarked. So, if Polaroid and other companies can launch an Android-powered camera, why can’t Nikon.

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