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Nokia 8, OnePlus 5, or iPhone 7: Which One Should You Buy?

The launch of the Nokia 8 (Review) in India gives us a great opportunity to talk about its headline feature – Bothie. Jokes aside, editorial head Kunal Dua and games editor Rishi Alwani join host Pranay Parab to talk about Nokia 8, which offers reliable performance overall. We discuss whether you should buy it over the OnePlus 5 or the iPhone 7. This episode starts with a discussion around the Bothie feature of Nokia 8, which lets you shoot videos using both front and rear cameras at the same time. We talk about how useful that feature is, if at all, and whether we see ourselves using it for journalistic purposes.

The talk around Nokia 8 moves to the smartphone’s build quality, which is where we have a debate around its design. While the Nokia 8’s bezels may make it look old and boring, we discuss whether that’s something people should care about or focus instead on how well the phone works. The panelists on this podcast have differing opinions on this subject. Then we move on to topics such as the Nokia 8’s fingerprint sensor and whether its lack of waterproofing is a big deal.

Finally we talk about the competition. There are several competitors for the Nokia 8, such as Xiaomi Mi MIX 2, OnePlus 5, Google Pixel, and of course the iPhone 7. We talk about the positives of each phone and which one people should be buying. Since Nokia 8 comes with a promise of fast Android updates, the choice is not straightforward as it may seem. This is where the headphone jack comes into the discussion and we discuss whether it is a factor in buying decisions at the Rs. 30,000 and above price point.

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