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Pixelmator Pro adds new set of ‘premium device mockups’ for the latest Apple devices

Last September, Pixelmator Pro launched a major update with new canvas templates that allow you to easily create reusable designs and mockups. In a new update, the app expands on those features with a new set of “pixel-perfect device mockups.”

The Pixelmator Pro team announced this update in a blog post today. Rolling out today, Pixelmator Pro adds 12 new “premium device mockups” featuring the latest Mac, iPhone, and iPad devices. “In today’s update, you’ll find a collection of beautiful, true-to-life mockups and some stunning stylized versions designed by professional artists,” Pixelmator says.

Why might you want to use these mockups? The company explains:

Designed following Apple’s design standards, the new device mockups are perfect for pretty much anything you can imagine — from personal use to web publishing, product marketing, and more.

You can easily personalize mockups by replacing the placeholder images with your own designs, or choose from a variety of beautiful shadow styles and background colors to find the look that works best for your design. And, with pixel-perfect screen sizes, you can be sure your designs will always look exceptionally sharp.

The device mockups are split into two categories: photographic mockups and stylized mockups.

Photographic mockups:

  • Standard Apple device bezels
  • Pixel-perfect screen sizes
  • Transparent backgrounds
  • Ultra-realistic shadows

Stylized mockups:

  • Artist-designed device bezels
  • Pixel-perfect design and screen sizes
  • Fully editable shape layers
  • Resolution-independent scaling

There are other options out there that can help you create framed screenshots of your Apple devices. Most notably, Federico Viticci at MacStories offers his ultra-powerful Apple Frames shortcut – which just got a major update that makes it even more powerful.

You can learn more about these new Pixelmator features in the full blog post here. The company also has a dedicated tutorial that can help you perfect your designs.

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