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Prehistoric Planet season 2 streaming now, narrated by David Attenborough

The incredible CGI docuseries Prehistoric Planet returns this week for a second season, with a new episode airing every day this week on Apple TV+.

Prehistoric Planet takes the documentary format of series like Planet Earth, but with a twist by using computer graphics to render the behavior of dinosaurs from sixty-five million years ago.

Rather than artificially dramatising battles and inventing Tyrannosaurus roars, Prehistoric Planet hews to realism wherever possible, basing the dinosaur activities on the latest scientific research.

Apple gave the series a big budget so that the creatures can look as real as possible, using the same CGI tech as was used in the live-action adaptation of The Lion King. Esteemed nature presenter David Attenborough narrates the show, as if the footage is real.

All five episodes of season one are streaming now on Apple TV+. Season 2 is rolling out every day this week as a five-night event. Featured species in the new season include Majungasaurus, Velociraptor, Tarchia, Pachycephalosaurus, and Triceratops.

How to watch Prehistoric Planet season 2

Prehistoric Planet is available exclusively on Apple TV+. Subscribe here for $6.99/mo to watch all episodes. The first episode of the season is free to stream, no subscription required.

Access Apple TV+ through the Apple TV app, available on platforms including iPhone, iPad, Apple TV set-top box, smart TVs, PlayStation, Xbox, Amazon Fire Stick, and Roku. Android and PC users can also watch in a web browser at tv.apple.com.

Prehistoric Planet joins an expanding collection of original nature content on the service. Other shows to check out include Tiny World, Earth at Night in Color, and the just-released Big Beasts.

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