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Samsung, Apple, Others Found to Have Misrepresented Their Smartwatches’ Dimensions, but Did They Really?

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro were launched earlier this month. While Samsung did not focus its attention towards the dimensions of the wearables, a YouTuber might have found that the South Korean company might have misrepresented the numbers about the thickness of the smartwatch. Not only Samsung, a lot of others, including Apple may have not given you the numbers that you actually needed to know. The YouTuber, however, says Fitbit is among the few that gives the correct dimensions of their wearables.

As per a video posted on YouTube channel DC Rainmaker, Samsung and Apple have given what we can call “flawed” information about the thickness of its recently-launched wearables, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. As per Samsung, the non-pro version measures 9.8mm thick and the Pro model is 10.5mm thick. However, when the YouTuber checked, the dimensions turned out to be 13.11mm and 15.07mm.

This certainly gives an impression that Samsung (and Apple) misrepresented the facts about the thickness. But it looks like they are not wrong either. When we hear that a smartwatch is “xyz”mm thick, we assume that it is the wearable’s ‘actual thickness’, which includes the thickness of the sensors. However, it turns out that Samsung and Apple measure the smartwatch’s thickness excluding the sensor.

The reason for this style/ type of measurement is not known, but the YouTuber notes that this could be due to the fact that the companies assume that the sensors on the back panel are ingress in our skin when we wear it. But that doesn’t change the actual thickness of the watch. It is also to be noted that Samsung does mention in the announcement that they have measured the thickness in excluding the sensor. (Well done, Samsung!)

The YouTuber checks the thickness again, this time without including the sensor, and finds the claims to be correct. Based on this cross-checking, it is safe to conclude that Samsung, and as a matter of fact, Apple have not misrepresented dimensions or provided flawed information. It’s just that they have a different criteria of measuring thickness which no one knows why. The companies may explain this in future or be more prominent in indicating their way of measuring thickness.

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