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Samsung unveils array of point and shoot cameras at CES 2014

The ongoing CES 2014 tradeshow saw Samsung unveil a string of point and shoot, and advanced bridge cameras on Tuesday at Las Vegas. The list of cameras unveiled is a long one. The Samsung WB1100F is targeted at adventurous photographers, the WB50F is targeted as a family camera, while the WB350F, WB35F and WB2200F are aimed at ambitious photographers. Prices for the devices have not been declared.

The Samsung WB1100F (pictured below) features advanced NFC and Wi-Fi connectivity. A 16-megapixel sensor is on board the camera. The Tag&Go feature on the camera allows the user to connect it to a smartphone with a tap. This technology allows the WB1100F and smartphones to work in tandem, enabling features such as Photo Beam, which instantly transfers images being viewed on the camera to the paired smartphone. AutoShare transfers images to smartphones automatically, as they are being taken, to avoid the worry of having to back up images whilst with MobileLink, users can select the exact images they wish to transfer to their smartphone to make organizing shots simple. Remote ViewFinder allows smartphones to take control of the WB1100F so that photographers have another choice of how to frame their shot.


The Samsung WB50F (pictured below) camera has been billed as the ‘best kids-caring camera’ by Samsung. Amongst others it features a soft flash, with a 12x optical zoom and a 16-megapixel CCD sensor on board. The camera features a smart mode and a smart auto mode. The soft flash and clear zoom allows for creation of images that are both soft and natural, and bright and crisp. It also features the Tag&Go feature along with Photo Beam, MobileLink, Remote View Finder on it.


The Samsung WB350F (pictured below) has a 21x optical zoom and a 23 mm wide angle lens. A bridge camera at heart it features a 16-megapixel BSI CMOS sensor. Also on board is the full HD video recording capability, at 30 fps, and a hVGA Hybrid Touch LCD Screen. Tag&Go and the other features are retained on the device. The shell of the device has a leather-like texture, which is another interesting part of the design consideration.


Launched for ambitious photographers, the WB35F (pictured below) features a QVGA LCD screen with a 12x optical zoom and a 16-megapixel CCD sensor. NFC and Wi-Fi technology along with the Tag&Go also makes a feature on the device. In addition it has a series of Smart Mode options that enable photographers to alter colours and quality of images. The Smart Auto mode which analyses shooting environments and selects the most optimal settings for any situation. The Live Panorama mode allows for automatically capturing a panoramic image by panning the camera from side to side.

Samsung-WB35F-CES2014-635x250.jpgThe last in the line is the Samsung WB2200F (pictured on top) bridge camera. It features a super bridge long zoom with a long 60x optical zoom, 16-megapixel BSI CMOS sensor, a 20 mm Ultra Wide angle lens and a long life battery. The camera shoots video at 1080/30p full HD on the three-inch hVGA LCD screen that displays the device’s EVF. It also has a dual grip feature and allows for full manual control with the i-Function control and electronic viewfinder.
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