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Sealed original iPhones are coming out of the woodwork

This year more sealed original iPhones have gone up for sale than ever with an auction having just ended this weekend. As it turns out, there was another sealed original iPhone auction that started on eBay at the same time that’s still running. With the last one going for 36% less than the $63,000 record, will the latest sealed iPhone go for even less?

There has been what seems like at least one sealed original iPhone up for auction each month over the last half-year. The one auctioned in February became the most expensive ever sold going for $63,000.

Since then, we saw a sealed original iPhone auction in mid-March go for less with a final price of $55,000. And then this weekend, the latest original iPhone went for a deeper discount at just $40,320. That’s 36% less than the $63,000 record.

It’s tough to know everything that’s at play, but more and more of these popping up over the recent months could be exceeding a potential February peak in demand.

The latest sealed original iPhone

Now the newest sealed OG iPhone up for grabs comes from The Mint Collective. Instead of using a traditional auction house, it has the first-gen iPhone listed on eBay.

Bidding started at $15,000 last week with the price at $18,100 at the time of writing after seven bids. This is a longer auction that’s running until Saturday, April 8.

The Mint Collective says it’s the real sealed deal but notes “Light handling and storage wear are present on the shrink-wrapped exterior of the box.”

With the quantity of sealed original iPhones we’ve seen on the market recently, it’s possible we could see this one go for even less than $40,000.

If you want to get in on the action, or just follow along for fun, check out the listing on eBay.

What do you think this one will sell for? Share your prediction in the comments!

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