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ShowerShroom Stealth hair catcher collects every hair

Prevents shower or tub clogs with the ShowerShroom Stealth. This drain hair catcher collects every hair and keeps them all out of sight. Plus, it does so without stopping the flow of water.
– Hair causes clogged drains, and this gadget catches all types of hair–both human and pet!
– It keeps hair out of sight, so you don’t have to look at any nasty clumps.
– Save money on plumber bills by preventing clogged drains.
– Designed with a top umbrella-like cover, it has an inner chamber where the water and hair flow through.
– It catches hair neatly on the inner cylinder, keeping it out of sight until you’re ready to clean it out with a paper towel.
– Built to last the test of time thanks to its durable materials, this will last for many showers.

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