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SNES Classic Mini Looks Great, but Will You Be Able to Buy It?

With the SNES Classic and Sega Forever, two of gaming’s stalwarts want to woo older gamers back with nostalgia while luring in newer players through sheer curiosity. We discuss who has a better approach in this retro console war as well as bring to light what you can expect to pay for either option.

Onto games on other platforms, the Steam Summer Sale 2017 has a wealth of titles on offer, including one you may have heard of called GTA V. The open-world smash hit has seen its fair share of controversy in the last couple of weeks with Take-Two – owner of GTA creator Rockstar removing popular modding tool Open IV. Following user backlash on Steam that saw the game receive overwhelmingly negative reviews, a volte face from Rockstar and Take-Two was inevitable ensuring that PC gamers shouldn’t be taken for granted.

On that note, we talked about the pricing from Paradox Interactive – one of the more prolific game companies on Steam. It hiked prices on its games like Tyranny and Stellaris, which was met with bitter backlash and a promised reversal to normal levels after the Steam sale, making it one of the few publishers whose games will be cheaper after Valve’s summer event.

This isn’t all. The PS4 gets Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered this month, though India may not receive it around the same time as the rest of the world. We speculate as to why this is the case and how you can get this game cheaper than the asking $40 price.

Finally, Sony shed some light on when not to expect the PS5. Chances are if you were holding off from buying the PS4, you shouldn’t. Find out why in this episode of Transition.

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