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Spotify launches AI-powered personal DJ feature with ‘stunningly realistic voice’

Spotify has announced a new “AI DJ” feature, which it says is a “brand-new way to listen on Spotify and connect even more deeply with the artists you love.” The feature will deliver a “curated lineup of music alongside commentary around the tracks and artists we think you’ll like in a stunningly realistic voice.”

What is Spotify’s new AI DJ feature?

In a blog post announcing the new AI DJ feature, Spotify explains that this DJ “knows you and your music taste” well enough that it will “reimagine the way users listen on Spotify.” The DJ feature takes into account OpenAI technology combined with a “dynamic AI voice” as well as Spotify’s personalization technology.

The AI DJ functionality is basically designed to create a never-ending radio station-style stream of music, based on your listening history and habits. The AI DJ voice will transition the songs, similar to what you’d hear on a traditional radio station with an explanation for why it picked the song, when you last listened to it, and more.

The company outlines these components:

  • Spotify’s personalization technology, which gives you a lineup of music recommendations based on what we know you like.
  • Generative AI through the use of OpenAI technology. We put this in the hands of our music editors to provide you with insightful facts about the music, artists, or genres you’re listening to. The expertise of our editors is something that’s really important to our philosophy at Spotify.
    • We have experts in genres who know music and culture inside and out. And no one knows the music scene better than they do. With this generative AI tooling, our editors are able to scale their innate knowledge in ways never before possible.
  • A dynamic AI voice platform from our Sonantic acquisition that brings to life stunningly realistic voices from text.

Spotify says that AI DJ is available today in beta, and you can find it by following these steps:

  1. Head to your Music Feed on Home in the Spotify mobile app on your iOS or Android device.
  2. Tap Play on the DJ card.
  3. Let Spotify do the rest. The DJ will serve a lineup of music alongside short commentary on the songs and artists, picked just for you.
  4. Not feeling the vibe? Just hit the DJ button at the bottom right of the screen to be taken to a different genre, artist, or mood.

It’s honestly a pretty impressive feature and one that serves as an interesting example of OpenAI technology being used in the wild. Check out a video demo of the feature below and let us know what you think of it down in the comments.

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