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Spotify now lets users exclude playlists from recommendations

Spotify announced on Wednesday a long-awaited feature for its users. Starting today, Spotify app will have a new option to exclude playlists from impacting users’ recommendations. As a result, the songs in that playlist will no longer be considered to show the user suggestions for other songs and playlists.

You can now choose playlists to not impact your Spotify recommendations

As detailed by the company in a blog post (via TechCrunch), users will see a new “Exclude from your taste profile” option within playlists. By choosing this option, Spotify won’t use that playlist to provide new recommendations. Spotify says the feature allows you to tell the platform “which playlist you’d like to impact your recommendations less.”

According to the platform, some users may not want a specific playlist impacting their recommendations for different reasons. This includes families who have playlists of songs for kids or users with white noise playlists.

With the touch of a button, Exclude from your Taste Profile lets you keep selected playlists from being included in your Taste Profile and reduces the impact they have on your recommendations. It allows you to tell Spotify which playlist you’d like to impact your recommendations less, tailoring Spotify’s personalization experience to your needs.

Of course, removing a playlist from the recommendations doesn’t mean that you’ll no longer find that playlist on your Spotify. The playlists can still be easily found in the Home tab, and “liked” songs within the playlist will not be affected. “Once Exclude from your Taste Profile is enabled, it will exclude past and future listening of the playlist from your Taste Profile,” the company adds.

To exclude a playlist from your Spotify recommendations, all you need to do is select the playlist of your choice, tap the three-dot button at the top of the playlist, and then select “Exclude from your Taste Profile.” If you later regret removing a playlist from your recommendations, Spotify lets you reverse the decision at any time using the same process.

More about Spotify

Earlier this year, the number of paying subscribers to Spotify exceeded 200 million for the first time. The company added 10 million paying subscribers in the last quarter, bringing its total to 205 million subscriptions. The platform has 489 million users in total.

As for the new playlist recommendations feature, it is now being rolled out to Spotify users on iOS, Android, and the web.

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