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Spotify working on HealthKit integration for workout playlists

Spotify currently offers a variety of curated playlists for its users, but it seems that the company wants to take this experience even further. The company has reportedly been working on a new feature that will integrate its iOS app with HealthKit, so that users will have workout playlists based on their health data.

Spotify to provide suggested songs based on HealthKit data

For those unfamiliar, HealthKit is an iOS API that lets third-party apps access data from Apple’s Health app. As shared by Chris Messina on Twitter, code found in Spotify’s app points to HealthKit support coming soon. This would allow Spotify to access information such as how long the user exercises every day, their calories burned, and more.

But why would Spotify want access to users’ health data? According to Messina, the platform wants to use this information to suggest specific songs for each person that will motivate them during workouts. “Get the right music for your workout,” reads a message.

For example, Spotify could choose and suggest specific songs based on the types of exercises logged by users or even their speed.

Get the right music for your workout.

This data will allow Spotify to match your workouts with what you listen to and see what audio motivates you best. Workout data includes the type of workout, distance and pace or speed.

Of course, every app using the HealthKit API must ask users whether they want to share their Health app data or not. This means that Spotify won’t be able to collect such data if users choose not to share it with the app. Still, it’s unclear how Spotify will handle all the health data of users who have chosen to share it with the platform.

For now, it seems that the feature is not available for users. Spotify hasn’t said a word about it either, so we don’t know when it will become available to the public.

A poke at Apple and the App Store

Messina also noted that the latest update to the Spotify app for iOS has a new page for managing paid subscriptions. Interestingly, it now makes it clear that users can’t make changes to their plans directly in the app and that the company “knows it’s not ideal.”

Although there are no details about it, the message seems like a poke at Apple and the App Store. This is because Apple still makes it difficult for developers to redirect users to handle subscription payments outside the App Store. Earlier this month, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek shared some tweets complaining about Apple’s “anticompetitive practices.”

Over and over again @Apple gives itself every advantage while at the same time stifling innovation and hurting consumers. Apple acts in self interest but also doesn’t seem to care about the law or courts, or for consumer choice.

Spotify has repeatedly taken a stand against Apple charging a 30% commission on every sale made through the App Store. The company even filed a complaint against Apple to the European Commission in 2019. In October, an update to Spotify’s iOS app was rejected by Apple for selling audiobooks without using the App Store’s in-app purchases system.

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