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The best Apple Watch apps to get the most from your device

Apple Watch Series 8 Spotify

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Unrivaled app support is one of the Apple Watch line’s standout features. From fitness apps and music platforms to games and productivity tools, there is something in the App Store for seemingly every need. We rounded up the best Apple Watch apps to get the most out of your go-to wearable, whether it’s the Apple Watch Series 8 or the oversized Apple Watch Ultra.

The best Apple Watch apps

Apple Watches employ a full toolkit of powerful native apps right out of the box. Apple offers full-featured health and workout platforms plus breakout apps for more detailed wellness support such as Cycle Tracking, Sleep, and Mindfulness apps. Users will also find go-to apps including everything from Calendar and Mail to Apple Pay and Apple Music. These staples are further supplemented with dedicated tools for everyday life including a Handwashing app and Apple’s Noise app for monitoring the volume of your environment.

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