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The BOOX Tab Ultra C ePaper tablet has a Kaleido 3 screen

Do more with the BOOX Tab Ultra C ePaper tablet. With a 10.3’’ HD color screen, this tablet PC comes in beautiful pastel colors. Not only that, but it also offers a ton of other features you’ll enjoy.

– A Kaleido 3 screen provides soothing and soft tones.
– Its 150–300 ppi makes any type of content clear and easy to view.
– The thin touch layer makes E-Ink look like a color print on newspaper.
– It offers a responsive color ePaper screen and increased efficiency.

Furthermore, you can choose from 4 different modes depending on how you need to use it.

– HD Mode lets you turn pages with hardly any afterimages.
– Balanced Mode lets you easily type and read.
– Fast Mode allows you to enjoy a faster scrolling experience.
– Ultrafast Mode lets you use apps and see dynamic content effortlessly.

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