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The Next PS4 Update May Be the Best Ever

The Sony PS4’s upcoming update brings a lot of exciting features to both the PS4 Pro and the PS4. The headline feature is support for external storage and that means you don’t need to delete game files to free up space anymore. The other important feature spotted in beta versions of the OS is Boost Mode for PS4 Pro games.

PS4 fans Mikhail Madnani and Rishi Alwani join host Pranay Parab to talk about all the exciting changes to the console’s software and how it changes the way they use it. The lineup of games that will have Boost Mode support does look quite exciting so we could see a lot of games perform a lot better on the PS4 Pro. The lineup also has some surprise inclusions such as GTA: San Andreas.

We then talk about Nintendo’s second game for smartphones – Fire Emblem Heroes and why Nintendo didn’t launch it in India on day 0. There are plenty of valid reasons for this, even though it seems as though this is the kind of game that would be a big hit in India. We discuss the various aspects of the game and whether it feels like a money-grab, before moving on to other things Nintendo.

The Nintendo Switch is getting a FIFA game and EA Sports confirmed that this will be called FIFA 18. We discuss the details of this confirmation and wonder whether it will be a truncated version or on par with PC and other console versions.

Finally, Rishi shares his amazing experiences with Ghost Recon Wildlands’ beta.

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