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The Sad State of Sony PS4 Game Pre-Orders in India

Steam Greenlight being shut down was the big news in gaming last week and we discuss whether this is a good move or not. PC gaming enthusiasts Rishi Alwani and Mikhail Madnani join host Pranay Parab to talk about the best and the worst of Steam Greenlight. It started off as a system for developers to gauge interest in their games but ended up reducing the overall quality of games on Steam.

The Greenlight program will be shut down for a variety of reasons and we talk about whether these reasons are justified. A lot went wrong with Steam Greenlight, which we discuss in detail. That is followed by discussion around Steam Direct, the replacement for Greenlight. Lots of changes are coming to the platform, some of which may harm game development. Mikhail and Rishi raise some concerns they have with Steam Direct and whether Valve’s hands-off approach is the best way forward. We wrap up this segment by talking about our favourite games from Steam Greenlight

The discussion then moves to For Honor, a third-person action fighting game and whether it makes sense to require an Internet connection to play the game’s single-player campaign. We don’t mince any words while criticising this decision. To reintroduce some positivity to the podcast, we then proceed to share a few hundred reasons for you to buy the Humble Freedom Bundle, which expires on February 20.

Finally, we talk about the woeful pre-order situation for PlayStation 4 games in India. The discussion starts with mention of the flurry of game releases in India and how PS4’s high install base is a good thing. However, the Uncharted 4 pre-order situation was quite bad and for most other PS4 games, there appear to be no pre-orders at all. 

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