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The Tech We’re Looking Forward to in 2017

The best tech of 2016 included some awesome gadgets, apps, and games. Akhil and Rishi join host Pranay to talk about their favourite tech from 2016 and the things they want from 2017. The show starts with Pranay picking a rather controversial gadget as his favourite technology product from 2016, which made Akhil and Rishi allies in a coordinated put-down. They stop just before the host thinks of muting their audio tracks and the show goes on.

Akhil and Pranay then reveal their favourite pop culture pick of 2016, which was so good that they’d written six full articles about it. They wax lyrical about it for a while before the discussion moves on to gaming.

Akhil’s favourite game got a very high score in our review and was one of our top picks for games released in 2016. The team talks about all the reasons why that game stood out.

Finally, Akhil begins his wish list for 2017 with a desperate plea to filmmakers before Rishi begins a monologue about his privacy concerns. The team hopes for better security measures around personal data in a world plagued by gaping privacy loopholes.

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