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There is a big interest in an iPhone Fold, well ahead of any launch

An example of what a foldable iPhone could look like.

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Apple’s often-rumored foldable iPhone will find a considerable audience when it launches, with a new survey finding that 39% of people looking at foldable smartphones want to get an Apple-produced one.

The “iPhone Fold” is believed to be Apple’s take on the folding smartphone, which could arrive by 2025. When it does eventually go on sale, it seems that there’s already a potential audience waiting to buy it.

In a U.S. survey conducted for Counterpoint, approximately 28% of current smartphone users are highly likely to buy a foldable version as their next purchase.

Of those who responded to the survey, 39% said they would go for an Apple-branded device for their foldable smartphone. Samsung, which already sells folding smartphones, is the top choice with a 46% share, while third place is occupied by Motorola with 6%.

There may also be a fair amount of brand loyalty as well when it comes to foldables. The survey said 92% of Samsung users planned to stick with Samsung for a foldable purchase.

The iPhone Fold may also end up being bought by more affluent users, as well. Approximately 41% of respondents with a monthly income of $10,000 or more said they were most likely to buy a foldable smartphone for their next acquisition.

As for the design of the smartphone itself, 49% preferred a “flip-type” foldable with a fold on the short axis of the phone. A “book-type” device with a fold on the long axis is second with 35%. The remainder had no preference.

More than half of male respondents prefer the flip-type with 47% of women also doing so. On the book-type side, 40% of female respondents wanted that kind of device, along with 30% of men.

“Foldables have performed better in controlling the shift from Android to iOS,” according to Associate Director of North America research Hanish Bhatia. “However, we don’t expect foldables to become the dominant form factor anytime soon in the US. Foldables will continue to co-exist with the candy bar design for years to come.”

Aside from a 2025 release date, current rumors for the iPhone Fold say it will have a flexible OLED display, supported by a complex hinge, and it would use USB-C and MagSafe for charging.

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