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This app solves one of the most annoying things about iPhone Safari’s address bar

If you’re regularly copying and editing links in Safari on your iPhone, you probably know that it can be a very tedious task (especially when it’s a long URL filled with trackers). A new app from developer Elijah Yap this week aims to make it significantly easier to interact with links in Safari’s address bar.

The app is essentially a custom keyboard for your iPhone and iPad that focuses entirely on navigating through URLs. Once you switch from your normal keyboard to this keyboard, you’ll see a custom interface that includes buttons focused on common interactions with URLs.

The app, which is called “URL Quick Keyboard,” includes buttons for moving the insertion point one character left or right, as well as buttons for moving the insertion point to the start or end of the text field with one tap. There are also buttons to jump to the previous or next special character in the URL, including slashes, question marks, ampersands, and hashtags. This can be helpful for editing a URL to remove tracking information.

Finally, Yap is also testing a new version of the URL Quick Keyboard app that adds a dedicated delete key, a built-in editing mode, and support for automatically removing fragments, tracking elements, and query items.

If you’re wondering how to switch between keyboards on your iPhone, it’s super easy. Just tap on the globe icon within the normal keyboard, and you’ll see a list of other keyboard options, including third-party apps and the built-in emoji keyboard.

URL Quick Keyboard is available on the app as a one-time purchase of just $0.69.

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