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Uber Eats delivering order tracking on iPhone with Live Activities and Dynamic Island

Uber Eats customers will soon be able to track food deliveries on iPhone without launching the app or being bothered with notifications. Live Activity support already launched for Uber’s ride-sharing app, but Uber Eats has only tested support in limited markets.

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Live Activities on iOS 16 enables apps to send real-time updates for things like sports scores and food order progress without sending individual alerts for each update. Live Activities are visible on the Lock Screen for all iPhones running iOS 16.

iPhone 14 Pro includes an always-on display so Live Activities can be viewed at a glance. The flagship iPhone also includes a Dynamic Island where Live Activities are presented while the iPhone is unlocked. All iPhone 15 models are expected to have the Dynamic Island later this year.

Apps that work with Live Activities are still limited as the feature only launched last September. According to MacRumors, Uber Eats customers around the world will gain access to these real-time updates over the next week or so.

Uber Eats shows customers in its app when an order has been accepted and is being prepared, when a driver has been assigned to the order, when the order has been picked up, when the driver is nearby, and when the order has been delivered. With Live Activities, progress can be followed quietly without multiple notifications or having to stay in the app.

We’ll update if Uber Eats issues a statement or fully launches the feature. In the meantime, the best way to see if your app has support is to order lunch for us. It’s the only way to truly know.


Your turn, Starbucks.

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