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Which Garmin watches feature Jet Lag Adviser?

Which Garmin watches feature Jet Lag Adviser?

Best answer: The Jet Lag Adviser feature, which provides guidance to help you combat jet lag throughout a trip, was initially exclusive to the Garmin Marq (Gen 2) range of smartwatches. But in February, Garmin released a software update that made it available for more devices, including the Fenix 7, Enduro 2, and Epix as well as the Tactix 7 and Quatix 7. The expectation is that over time, Garmin may make the feature available on a wider range of its watches.

What is Garmin’s Jet Lag Adviser?

Jet Lag Adviser is a feature designed to help travelers reduce the setbacks from jet jag before, during, and after a trip. Using the Garmin Connect app or the compatible watch widget, you’ll receive recommendations on when you should avoid light, what time you should head to bed, and when you should be most active in order to recover from a long trip or one with a marked time difference. 

It works with trips traveling to different time zones, with all features available when you travel through three or more time zones. If you are traveling between fewer than three time zones, however, you can still use most of the features minus the pre-trip guidance. 

Add the destination details (or multiple destinations, if applicable) as well as return details to the Garmin Connect app ahead of time before the trip is going to commence. It will then be added as an event in the Garmin Connect calendar. If you’ll be traveling through three or more time zones, you’ll instantly receive pre-trip guidance as well. As you approach the time to head home, you’ll receive additional guidance during the trip to help you prepare then again once you arrive back home. 

When you arrive both at your destination and home, you’ll see details like what time it feels like for your body, despite the actual time where you are. You’ll also get tips to help you acclimate to the new or returned time zone, with the goal being to help you combat the feelings of jet lag. 

The feature is a great one for frequent travelers. But it’s also useful for anyone who has a big trip coming up. You’ll expect to be tired when you arrive and the app can help mitigate those symptoms through helpful advice so you don’t end up losing an entire day because of being exhausted. The same goes for when you get back home, especially for those who might have to return to work or tend to kids right away. 

As noted, as of this writing, you can access the Jet Lag Adviser widget on the Garmin fenix 7, Garmin epix (Gen 2), Garmin Enduro 2, Garmin tactix 7, Garmin MARQ (Gen 2), and Garmin quatix 7. Jet Lag Adviser isn’t yet available in some of the best Garmin smartwatches including models in the Venu, Instinct, Vivimove, Vivoactive, and Forerunner line right now. But it could be made available in the future.


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