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Wiz smart bulbs begin Matter rollout, finally bringing official support to Apple Home app

As a cheaper option in the smart light bulbs space, Wiz products are relatively popular. However, they have not supported HomeKit (only Siri Shortcuts) and have been a less-than-ideal option for Apple Home ecosystem users. Unofficial support was previously made possible via Homebridge.

However, this week, Wiz is rolling out Matter support for many of its newer bulb models (via The Verge). This brings official support for these accessories to Apple Home for the first time.

The Wiz subreddit has some more details about exactly what models are supported. The initial rollout supports about 135 models, with many more launching in May.

If you have compatible Wiz bulbs already, make sure you have the latest version of the Wiz app from the App Store, and the bulb firmware is up to date. Then, in the Wiz app, navigate to Settings -> Integrations -> Matter and follow the steps to pair the bulb.

Matter is a open smart home standard that is supported by Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple, allowing accessory makers to be compatible with a single standard (rather than three separate proprietary ones) and integrate into the smart home ecosystems of every major provider.

Apple has been on the leading edge of Matter support. In fact, Apple users have been able to add Matter devices to the Home app since iOS 16.

Matter doesn’t really offer new capabilities and functionality compared to HomeKit, it just means that a lot more accessories should (eventually, once they are available on the market) be compatible with Apple Home.

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